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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Today my oldest grandson, Connor, turns 7 years old!! I am totally amazed and somewhat frightened at just how quickly time seems to be passing these days. It truly feels like only yesterday that I was giving birth to Connor's mom and now she has a child turning seven! It is so crazy! I was definitely a very young first time mom, and so was she, but it still doesn't seem possible at all that I am already old enough to have grown children, much less a grandchild who is quickly approaching double digits! **sigh**

Oh well, they say having children young keeps you young. I used to think I agreed, but lately I'm not so sure. I have been feeling mighty old!

Connor celebrated his birthday this past weekend at Cochran Mill Nature Center. He and all the other kids invited had a fun time playing with all the different animals and wild creatures they have there.

Here are a few pictures from his party that my daughter shared...

Connor with all his guests

Seeing a baby gator

and holding a yucky snake! Ewww....

Connor with his Mommy opening presents

Forget the presents! He is loving the money!

Connor and his 1st cousin, Harper
Harper was born on the very same day, just 30 minutes later!
Don't they look like twins??

Connor, I hope you have a wonderful birthday today! I can't wait to see you soon!




Mama Karen said...

Looks like everyone had a good time. Happy bday lil guy well lil big guy

Karen Mortensen said...

What a fun birthday. He is adorable. Happy Birthday Connor.

Anonymous said...

What a fun birthday party! (I've touched an alligator ones--they feel very strange.) How neat that his cousin was born the same day! What an exciting day in that family! LOL.

Visiting from SITS.

Tree said...

Awww....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Connor!! I'm also a young grandmom...times two...and believe it or not, by youngest child is 7. LOL I'll be 46 this year, and I know what you mean about starting to feel old. Looks like he had a great day...and yes, they always love the money best! tee hee

P.S. Very cool that we are now both Lady Bloggers! Good to see you there too!

Katie said...

Your grandson is such a handsome little fella already! And your daughter is gorgeous!!!!

Thanks for sharing this special day with us.

Haven't been visiting blogs much lately - been super busy for awhile, but trying to come back and "hit" my faves. Still pray for you guys every day. (((HUGS)))

Melissa G. said...

Aww, what a handsome little man you have!

The Blonde Duck said...

Happy Birthday! My mom worked for a Conservation Guild as a volunteer when I was growing up and they had a Nature Center I adored. I wouldn't have been brave enough to hold a gater though!

Returning your visit from Lady Bloggers! :)

jenncallinghome said...

I can't imagine being a grandma. What a wonderful blessing. And yes, they do look like twins.


septembermom said...

So handsome!! Looks like it was a terrific birthday full of love and fun :)

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El) said...

It's my first visit to your blog, and I can't believe you're a gramma. Wow!

I'll be back. Thank you for opening your life to us and for sharing your faith. Even those of us who have faith need a dose from others now and again.


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