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Saturday, March 27, 2010



I've been thinking a lot about Easter as it is approaching and it really has me thinking about the amazing sacrifice our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, made for us on the cross all those years ago. I think sometimes we, as humans, have a hard time wrapping our heads around the fact that He actually did come here to love us unconditionally and to give His very own life for us!

It is so hard to comprehend that the King of Kings started His life here on Earth as an innocent newborn baby; born in a dirty old stable and then placed in a lowly manger, with only the animals, Mary and Joseph there to welcome Him into this world!

At the age of 33, Jesus was hunted down like a criminal and arrested, even though He would have gone willingly and without a fight. He then suffered severe beatings and cruel mockery. His captors spat upon Him and called Him a liar. He endured even more unspeakable brutality before He was nailed to a cross, suffered horribly and then ultimately died. Then three days later He arose from the dead!

Jesus endured all of that suffering, sacrificed His own life and rose from the dead so that each one of us could have EVERLASTING LIFE! All we have to do is ask!!

How awesome is that???

Do YOU know Jesus? Have you ever asked Him to come into your heart? If you haven't and you want to, please ask me how. I'd love to talk to you and tell you all about it. If you just want to know more about Jesus, I'd love to talk to you, too.

I love this song by Ray Boltz. It is one of the songs that I always think about here at Easter. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it makes you think about how much the Lord loves YOU.


Walking on the road to Jerusalem
The time had come to sacrifice again
My two small sons, they walk beside me on the road
The reason that they came was to watch the lamb

And they said, "Daddy, Daddy, what will we see there?
There's so much that we don't understand"
And so I told them of Moses and father Abraham
Then I said, "Dear children, watch the lamb."

There will be so many in Jerusalem today
We must be sure the lamb doesn't run away
And I told them of Moses and father Abraham
Then I said, "Dear children, watch the lamb."

When we reached the city, I knew something must be wrong
There were no joyful worshipers there, no joyful worship songs
And I stood there with my children in the midst of angry men
Then I heard the crowd cry out, let's crucify Him!

We tried to leave the city but we could not get away
Forced to play in this drama, a part I did not wish to play
Why upon this day were men condemned to die?
Why were we standing here where soon they would pass by?

I looked and said, even now they come
The first one cried for mercy, the people gave him none
The second one was violent and he was arrogant and loud
I still here his angry voice screaming at the crowd

Then someone said, "There's Jesus", I scarce believed my eyes
A man so badly beaten, He barely looked alive
Blood poured from His body, from the thorns upon His brow
Running down the Cross, falling to the ground

I watched as He struggled, I watched Him when He fell
The cross came down upon His back, the crowd began to yell
In that moment I felt such agony, in that moment I felt such loss
Till a Roman soldier grabbed my arm and screamed
"You, carry His cross!"

At first I tried to resist him, then his hand reached for his sword
So I knelt and took the Cross from the Lord
I put it on my shoulder and we started down the street
The blood that he'd been shedding was running down my cheek

They led us to Golgotha, they drove nails deep in His feet and hands
Yet upon the Cross I heard Him pray, "Father, forgive them."
Never have I seen such love in any other eyes
"Into Thy hands I commit my spirit", He prayed and then He died

I stood for what seemed like years, I'd lost all sense of time
Until I felt two little hands holding tight to mine
The children stood there weeping, I heard the oldest say
"Father please forgive us, the lamb ran away!"

"Daddy, daddy, what have we seen here?
There's so much that we don't understand?"
So I took them in my arms and we turned and faced the Cross
Then I said, "Dear children watch the lamb."



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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love Ray Boltz and love this song....

Hazel said...

What story in the lyrics. I know it already but I love to hear it over and over anyway. Thanks for sharing. Happy TSMSS.

Thena said...

Another beautiful song.
Have a blessed weekend.

jan ~ tomatobaby said...

You have a gift of writing and expressing yourself. Thank you for your heart-felt comments. Like you, it means a lot when comments are left and shared. Keep writing and reaching out ~j.

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest.

Amanda said...

What an amazing story that we are blessed with as Christians. Easter is such a special time to remember what Christ did for us. Brings me to tears. Happy Easter! Thanks for sharing.

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Elizabeth said...

I love this song... it is one of my favorites!

Always touches me!


Mocha with Linda said...

I toyed with posting this one! Nice song.

karen Hubbard said...

Thank you for posting this song this is one of my favorite Ray Boltz songs I have never seen the video I will never think of the song the same again. This is life changing.
Karen Hubbard

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

It's an amazing story and an exciting one. I am trying to stress the Christian side of Easter over the chocolate side to my kids. Right now the chocolate is winning but at least they have been taught the proper lesson.

Trudie said...

I absolutely love Ray Boltz, I remember the very first time I heard this song - I was 17 years old. It really hit home, ever since it has been one of my favourites. I actually studied for my high school finals with Ray Boltz constantly playing in the background. The tape was all funny afterwards! Thanks for sharing!

Meg said...

My uncle used to perform this song all the time. I always cry when I hear it. Thanks for the reminder of the important stuff!

Cathy said...

That is so beautiful. Have a blessed week.

septembermom said...

Teresa, thank you for the gift of this song today! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

A perfect message perfectly timed! It is something so deeply rooted in my heart that I cannot help but be awed by it all!

Be blessed in this most important week of the year!


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Rachel said...

Beautiful. This is one of my favorite Easter songs.

I had never seen the video before. Thanks for sharing.


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