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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


A 16 mm spring-wound Bolex H16 Reflex camera, ...Image via Wikipedia

Our town has been the home to the filming of many, many TV shows and movies due to its charm, beauty and picturesque homes and landscape. It is becoming increasingly popular to Hollywood and we are seeing more and more film crews all the time. Some of the filming includes: On The Big Screen - Our Winning Season ('78), The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid ('78), Fried Green Tomatoes ('91), Fluke ('95), Get Low ('09) and Zombieland (To be released in October '09). On the Small Screen - Murder in Coweta County ('83), Decoration Day ('90), Grass Roots ('91), Manhunt in the Dakotas ('91), Wife, Mother, Murderer ('91), I’ll Fly Away Series ('91 - '93), Silent Victim ('93), Passing Glory ('99), The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn ('99), October Road ('07 - '09), Drop Dead Diva ('09) and The Wronged Man ('09 - '10).

We were thrilled to learn a few weeks ago that not only was a new movie going to be filmed here but it would contain scenes from our 2 youngest daughters' high school! As the dates approached for filming, we learned that their high school band would have to be on set in order to be included in the filming of a 'dream scene' in which the band would be performing at a pep rally and a parade.

The movie is going to be called 'The Fat Boy Chronicles', the same as the book on which the movie is based. Here is a little information taken from The Fat Boy Chronicles website:

"Inspired by a true story, The Fat Boy Chronicles reveals the emotionally painful world obese teens experience in the face of a thin-obsessed society. At age fourteen. 5'5 Jimmy weighs 187 pounds. Outside the comfort of his family and church, life for Jimmy is a constant struggle. The cruel taunts of his classmates make going to school or playing sports a humiliating experience. Yet, he still manages to focus on his goals-- to lose weight and win over the girl of his dreams."

We were really excited to learn that our middle daughter, Mo, who is the drum major for the band, will likely be seen at least a few times in the movie. She was involved in a lot of the shots during the filming of the dream scene at the school that day. She said it took all day to film the short scene but it was very much worth it for the experience. She was also able to really talk with the cast, the crew and the producers. Unlike some film crews who have come through here, taking over the town and not being very kind, this crew seemed to be very affable and generous. It really turned out to be a great experience for her and everyone else involved. We are looking forward to seeing the movie when it hits the theaters in early 2010!

If you happen to be a Facebook junkie, you can learn more about the movie on the The Fat Boy Chronicles Fan Page. If you do this, be sure to look at all the photos that are there. Most of the ones that are posted are from our high school and local hospital. In picture #45, you will see the band during the parade with Mo marching backwards, directing the band!

Let me know what you think about the premise of the movie and of the photos - and be sure to come back and let me know if you go to see the movie when it comes out!

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Amandasaurus said...

How exciting for your daughter! It sounds like a decent movie; I'll have to check it out. The weird thing to me is that, if our society is so obsessed with being thin, why is EVERYONE fat? If you seriously take a look around, there's hardly anyone without at least a food-baby-sized mound of pudge, and most people have much more than that, ranging from muffin tops to big, round mushrooms and beyond. How can we mock such a huge percentage of our society? And why hasn't anyone tried to undermine the SOURCE?

Amandasaurus said...
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Kim said...

How fun! What a great experience for your daughters.

Shelley said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. im gonna follow you now

Casey said...

Wow, that is soo cool! How exciting that your daughter got to take part in something like that. What a once in a lifetime opportunity! I look forward to learning more about the movie and even seeing it someday!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I love towns with alive history!

La Belle Mere UK said...

Wow how exciting!!! Is there anyone in it I would know? Sounds like a good film so I will look out for it when it's released in England which will probably by something like 2014 or something!

Thanks for the comment love on my blog earlier!

LBM Xxxxx

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Thanks so much for stopping by today!! History just fascinates me.


Anonymous said...

how fun and exciting for your daughter.

good luck



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