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~Hugs and Sister Love, Teresa

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today is a very special day and I wanted to share it with all of you. It is the birthday of one of the nearest and dearest people to me in the whole wide world, my baby sister, Melissa. Melissa and I are only 19 months apart. I definitely look like the youngest, but she is, indeed, my younger sister. :0) LOL!

My only sister and I have shared so many things in our lives, a ton of very good things and a lot of really bad stuff, too. We have definitely not always gotten along; just ask our parents - or our husbands! Instead of being best buddies when we were little, we tended to 'fight like cats and dogs', as our Mama would always say. As we moved into our 'tween and teenage years, Melissa desperately wanted to follow me around wherever I went. She wanted to do everything my friends and I were doing but I wanted nothing to do with her! At least not when my friends were around. There was just enough age difference between us that it was simply 'not cool' to have her tagging along. Sometimes our parents made me take her and sometimes I got my way and she had to stay behind. So what do younger sisters do when they get left behind and want to get back at their big sisters? They tattle about every little thing! Yep, that is exactly what they do. They become snitches for the parents. However, I would not learn this until I became an adult. Melissa was a very good snitch, too! I always wondered how my parents found out every single time I did something I was not supposed to be doing!

Even as adults we have not always agreed and there have been many times we have not gotten along during certain circumstances. However, I have always, always known that she is there for me. I've never doubted that. Melissa and I both have been through some extremely major trials and tribulations as adults. We've both endured things some people can't even imagine and will never, ever deal with in their whole entire life. Despite all our differences, I have ALWAYS known she is in my corner. I know that no matter what, I can depend on her when the chips are down. She has always been here for my family and me through thick and thin. She has generously given of her self, her time, her money and anything else I have ever needed. She is THE very definition of a sister and a friend. I don't know what I would do without her in my life and I hope I never have to figure it out. She is part of the rock that is my family. We are close and we are solid. A lot of people don't have that but I am extremely blessed that I do.

Melissa, I hope that today is an amazing birthday for you and I pray that this next year is filled with nothing but joy, sunshine and wonderful blessings from the Lord above.

I love you, sis!

(This was the best picture I could find of us when we were little. I decided to do this at the last minute so I didn't have much time. This was us at our childhood church. I'm thinking this is probably on Easter Sunday, in dresses handmade by our Granny.)


Tammy Howard said...

This sounds a LOT like my relationship with my little sister (who also, ahem, looks older than me...)

Happy birthday to her!

Amandasaurus said...

Cuuute dresses from Granny!

I can't wait until my sis and I get to the buddies stage, but she is fifteen so it might be a couple years yet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, sis for the sweet tribute to my birthday! I love you. For the record, you most definitely look OLDER than me. I always wanted to be the oldest but now I am glad that I am not!! Also, I must point out for the other readers that due to the fact that I am only 19 months younger than you, I was only one grade behind you in school. A lot of YOUR friends were MY friends, too. : -)

We are very lucky to have each other. I know although we don't always agree on things, we both want the best for each other. We are blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family.

Thank you again for your sweet birthday message. I am very touched and feel very loved.

I love you! Melissa


Melissa Miller said...

~Ah! Teresa how sweet and touching!
Happy Birthday Melissa! I have two younger sisters as well so I can definitely relate to your post in so many ways. ~Beautifully written.

Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words of encouragement.
I really appreciate it! Come by anytime okay. You are always welcome my friend!

Many Blessings & Happy Fall!
~Warmly, Melissa :)

Melissa Miller said...

Teresa I just read a little about your rare illness on one of your older posts. My prayers go out to you my friend. I hope you are feeling well today and always.

~Take Care, ~Melissa

Debbie in Nashville said...

Happy Birthday Melissa! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Annie said...

You are so blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with your sister - happy birthday to her! 19 months is such a close age difference, I bet you had a lot of fun in high school together :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing the comment luv! <3
Annie@ www.mamadweeb.com

elvira pajarola said...

I wish you all the best wishes and luck for the future; all the very best!!!
I am here oversee in this beautiful place on earth an I send you all the sunshine I have everyday....!
Your work is most interesting and I wish you will realize all your projects!!!!

thank you so much for having taken a look on my tuscany!
have fantastic days! ciao elvira from tuscany

Brandi said...

Teresa you are such a sweetheart. Thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate it. You will be in my prayers, as I see you have not been feeling well.

Happy Birthday to your sis! :)

Stephanie Faris said...

A lot of my childhood pics look like that too. Handmade dresses were all the thing back then, I think!

Nicolasa said...

That is too funny that she snitched on you! I am glad that you both know that regardless of how you used to fight or if you still do that you'll both have each others' backs when needed!

Sandra said...

What a nice tribute to your sister. I know she will treasure it.
Mathy,Techy,Artsy Fartsy

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...


Feeling Fit With Dana said...

Happy birthday to your little sis!!

I gave you an award!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your sister!
I have a similar relationship with my younger sisters, who happen to be twins.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Robin said...

Aw! This makes me think of my [pain in the butt] sister! I try and value what we have.
Nice blog!

septembermom said...

Happy birthday to your sister! I hope she had a lovely day. Sweet post about your relationship. I love the photo of you two cuties as kids :)

Naqvee said...

hi there, accept me as your new follower and your blog is interesting as well as there are so much heart t heart things that have grabbed my attention to be on this one "emotional blog" ..
Happy b'day to your sis..
past memories are always b'ful!
love Naqvee

faheimgul. blogspot.com

Samantha said...

How sweet Teresa !
Happy birthday to your dear sister, the picture is adorable !

~ Hugs and blessings to you dear friend.

Fahrenheit 350° said...

This sounds so much like me and my sister!

Julie said...

Very nice tribute to your sister...very touching :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

Lisa in Oz said...

This is so sweet - reading it reminds me of my relationship with my own sister. I think I'll go write her an email now!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ahhh! That's so sweet!!! Happy birthday to your sister!

Anonymous said...

You are one blessed lady to have a sister! I think she's pretty blessed to have you.

Anonymous said...

You are one blessed lady to have a sister! I think she's pretty blessed to have you.

Anonymous said...

I love posts like this :)

Thank you so much for you encouraging words about my daughter and I. I really appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Jennifer Haas said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful Sis, Happy Birthday to her.

My two boys are 21 months apart, so I hope they will have a realtionship like that, but for now they are fighting like cats and dogs the way you did with your sis.

Thanks for visiting my site from SITS! I am a new follower of yours!!!

Joy said...

Such a terrific tribute to your sister!

p.s. Thanks so much for stopping by last week on my SITS feature day!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I love that picture of you and your sister!! Happy Birthday to her!!


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